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The Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG) is a publicly traded diversified energy company headquartered in Newark, New Jersey and was established in 1903.

The company's largest subsidiary is Public Service Electric and Gas Company (PSE&G). The Public Service Electric and Gas Company is a regulated gas and electric utility company serving the state of New Jersey and it is New Jersey's oldest and largest investor owned utility company; the Public Service Electric and Gas Company was established in 1928 and was originally a subsidiary of the New-Jersey-based Public Service Corporation.

A former employee said this in a review about the work environment “Everything regarding Public Service Enterprise revolves around the 'not my job, can't help you'. philosophy. There's a certain faction of IT management that actually enjoys spreading as much misery as possible. Their CONSTANT corporate re-orgs are often designed to force a portion of their workforce to quit. It is a culture of CYOB or get the shaft by corporate drones. Truly an exercise in daily misery control."


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